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Featured Denver, Colorado Online Store: Angelique Lingerie

For over a decade now, Angelique Lingerie has been offering BBW the biggest, best collection of plus size lingerie online. The idea of two sisters in Denver, Colorado, they’ve used the experience to perfect the process of choosing the hottest styles and improving shipping times on all orders. They’ve climbed up the ranks as one of the top brands, and continue to.

One of their biggest features is their ability to keep inventory in stock for the best selling sets and collections. It’s a true art and lesson learning process to make this happen. As sets sell, the same ones need to be timed and ordered again. The consumer doesn’t see any of this on the front-end, but it’s truly a huge piece of the puzzle. If you hop over to the website, you’ll see they offer many different colors, and sizes up to 6x. It’s tough to beat that combination.

The other thing is, they also offer full figure dresses, swimwear, nightwear, and much more. You owe it to yourself to jump over to the website and find out what all the hype is about. Visit www.angeliquelingerie.com for the full scoop. Browse the selection, get the styles that fit best for you, and look great for that special someone. Sexy and comfortable in your own skin. We’ll see if we can talk them into giving us a coupon code to post onto the site, but their prices are already so low. It’s incredible.

Featured: Rock Star Acupuncture in Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to healing, there are a plethora of different ideas and ideologies. Ones that are more meta-physical, others that are more scientific, and even a handful that are a bit of both.


We believe that acupuncture fits firmly within both. It’s been around for thousands of years, and has done a lot for many different clients. Rock Star Acupuncture in Phoenix is one of the best sources for getting this service done for you by a licensed professional.

Rock Star Acupuncture
3835 N. 32nd St Suite 3
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Michelle has completed a 3000 hour program to become a professional within the state of Arizona. That’s truly saying a lot. Her attention to detail and caring nature also does a lot for her clients. With the right intention, as well as the scientific basis for treatment, treatments are individualized for each unique client.  Read More

Understanding the Most Effective Sales Process

When it comes to marketing, you have to realize that everyone you attract to your business is in a different part of the sales process. You can picture it like a funnel. Some start higher in the funnel, others are lower, closer to making a decision about a sale. The point being, your working towards getting them into your funnel and moving toward the sale.


Let’s use Boomer’s Detector Guide as an example. The reviews page is a page that attracts visitors that are willing to do some research and buy. These visitors are much closer to the end of the sales process when you compare them to a visitor that is researching “how a metal detector works”. You’d sell much differently to these two visitors, and probably even direct the researching visitors to the reviews page.

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Chandler Garage Door Repair Experts

One thing’s for sure, we’re not all cut out to repair our garage doors. Those things are big, they’re technical, and most of them these days are built upon technology that is much more complicated than simply opening it with your hand. This is why, today, we’re featuring the top Garage Door Repair Chandler AZ company. I use them for all of my Chandler AZ Garage Door Repairs, and have for a couple of years now. I’ve used them about three times in that amount of time, twice on my door, once on my son’s (he lives a few miles away).


Our Garage Door Repair Expert on Zillow.com was featured there a few months ago, which helped get him some new business. It’s a great thing because him and his team were also featured on Medium, which really has them staying busy, hiring new staff, etc. When it comes to repairing your garage door, the key is having the right tools, knowledge and expertise. I took a look at ours when it broke, but really had no idea where to even begin. A couple YouTube videos online were helpful, but didn’t work for me.

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Phoenix SEO Company Services by SEOSatori

When it comes to online marketing, search engine optimization is one of the most effective, fastest, most affordable ways to market your service-based business online.

We’ve been familiar with and have personally worked alongside Arizona-based SEOSatori.com for a couple of years now. They’ve consistently been the go to company for SEO within the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe area. Read More

Choosing the Best Rice Cooker Resource by NMHMF

Everyday, we’re reminded how blessed we are to have so much access to wonderful, helpful, information. Over half the team is over 50+, and remembers the days of job interviews where you had no idea where you were going, or what anyone looked like.


Take the resource NMHMF for example. They provide rice cooker reviews for all of the top brands, and for users of many different sizes. This allows anyone to check them out, upfront, and choose one to order. And with ordering through a website like Amazon, the ordering process is a snap. Read More

Early Retirement Guidance by GCBAdvisors

Planning for retirement can be tough, especially if you need to retire early and there isn’t much time to get your ducks in a row. Thankfully, GCBAdvisors helps consumers do this without missing a beat.

Their 72t calculator can help you figure out exactly what you’re looking to accomplish, how much you need, and they’ll even answer your 72t questions personally for free over email or over the phone. Read More